About Pecorino Romano

Pecorino romano is a sheep milk cheese. Sheep produce a lot less milk than cows or goats, so it can take up to a week for the sheep to produce enough milk for a production. In order for the product to be certified Chalav Yisrael (CY), we send mashgichim (supervisors) from different parts of Italy to the individual farms in the countryside to watch the milking process. The local farmers, who have likely never met a Jewish person before, are convinced that these observers are government officials and are difficult to convince otherwise. They eventually come to understand and are extremely hospitable. Once the milk is ready, the mashgiach must follow the milk tankers to the actual creamery/production facility to make sure that it arrives in good shape and that there is no switching of milk. After the product is aged in Italy for a year, I then age the product for an additional year in my ageing facility in New York. The product ages into a hard parmesan style, 2-3 year aged, sharp grating cheese, unlike anything seen in the kosher market before.
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