The Cheese Guy Celebrates Shavuot On His 50th Birthday


The stars are aligned for brent delman, also known as the cheese guy, who will be celebrating his 50th birthday this year on “the big cheese holiday” of shavuot. Shavuot is a jewish celebration commemorating the giving of the law on sinai. It is also referred to as the pentecost (ancient greek: “the fiftieth [day]“), the greek name for the feast of weeks, as it takes place 50 days after the first day of passover.
The cheese guy’s large selection of high end artisanal cheeses is a testament to the fact that you can experience the finest array of handcrafted cheese and specialty foods with the highest levels of kosher certification. Enhance your holiday meal this shavuot with the cheese guy’s kosher gourmet cheeses. For more information, call 718-698-5154 or message us directly on our facebook page.

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