The Cheese Guy Is Coming To You Spring 2014

Spring is in the air and The Cheese Guy will be participating in a lot of great events this season, where you’ll be able to preview and purchase over 30 different artisan, vegetarian, Kosher cheeses.
On Thursday, May 8, The Cheese Guy will be participating in an art exhibit in Soho, hosted by Laura Faller at the Ward-Nasse Gallery. 178 Prince Street, NY. The owner of the company, Brent Delman, will personally be showing off his fine selection of cheeses. At the venue, you’ll be able to preview and purchase one of Delman’s favorite cheeses, Edam from Argentina. The cheese is made from cow’s milk and is creamy and full of flavor. RSVP HERE.
If goat cheese doesn’t do it for you, then you’ll have the chance to preview and purchase The Cheese Guy’s wide range of cheddar cheeses. There is everything from chipotle cheddar to New Zealand organic medium cheddar!
This Sunday, May 11, The Cheese Guy will be at the official opening of the the Riverdale Y Festival (Farmer’s Market), which will run until mid-November. There you’ll get the chance to preview or purchase some of The Cheese Guy’s specialties, including goat cheese. Now how good does that sound? The rich, tangy and smooth taste/texture can be spread on appetizers, crumbled on salads, or even pizzas: You’re going to want to try this one. The Riverdale Y Festival (Farmer’s market) is at its usual spot at MS-HS141 on Independence Avenue and 236th Street Bronx NY.
The Cheese Guy, will also be participating every Sunday, at the Astoria Flea and Food at the Kaufman Studios, 35-23 35th Avenue Astoria, NY.
Stay tuned, you will be hearing a lot about The Cheese Guy in the coming weeks.


The Cheese Guy • P.O. Box 144, Yonkers, NY 10704 • ph:718.698.5154 fx:718.698.1441 •