• "Just discovered your Fresh Mozzarella Cheese at the Shop-Rite Supermarket in Lakewood, NJ. I have been looking for a good kosher fresh mozzarella cheese for years. Yours is so good that I can finally make a basil, tomato, and mozzarella salad that my husband will eat and enjoys. He's extremely fussy,so admitting that he actually liked your mozzarella is saying that your product is outstanding. I want to thank you for making such a good tasting kosher product. I look forward to finding and eating more of your cheeses"


  • "What a great find! My boyfriend and I are vegetarians and it can be hard to find nice artisanal cheeses made without animal rennet. We were so excited to come across the Cheese Guy. He let us sample every cheese he had, was very passionate and excited and also quite helpful. We will be back! Go get some for yourself"


  • "Your fabulous cheeses –and your personal touch--were such a wonderful addition to our evening of music. The cheese-tasting before the concert and at intermission really helped create the feeling of community and congeniality we strive for. The best of cheeses with the best of chamber music! Thank you and I hope we can do it again in the future."

    Sheila Reinhold

  • "I stumbled across your parmesan cheese at Fairway Market in Kips Bay a few months ago. As a semi cheese connoisseur (I say semi because its pretty hard to be a real connoisseur and keep kosher at the same time) I can safely say its the best kosher Parmesan I know. I actually had my family over for dinner the other night and served it crumbled alongside some spiced olives. I later found out that my brother loved the Parmesan but couldn't believe I served unkosher in my home! Hah! Guess some things aren't too good to be true"

    Sarina Setton

  • "Just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your cheeses-thank you so much for bringing such high quality cheeses to the kosher market. I particularly like your reduced fat swiss, parmesean,and romano cheeses. I even bring back your cheeses to LA for my family who can\'t get them there! I run Kulinary Adventures-a kosher gourmet culinary tour company. As part of our tours we usually do a wine and cheese tasting-I would love to include your cheeses on our next tour next year. Look forward to tasting your new cheeses as they come to the market"

    Anna Mann

  • "Thanks so much for making our event (at the Museum of Jewish Heritage) so terrific--not only providing those wonderful cheeses but also serving it yourself! (I was lucky to get to taste most of them--they were delicious!) There were 280 attendees-. And you were a big part of that success. I'm sure those huge lines around your table learned a lot by tasting those great cheeses"

    Jayne Cohen

  • "I was recently introduced to your cheese by a friend who brought back a Pecorino Romano from one of your New York stores. It is a delicious cheese, and it prompted me to go looking on your Web site for information on how to buy more. I saw a listing of stores on the East Coast, but I live in Chicago and did not see shipping information"


  • "I wrote you a while back about the pecorino with black pepper. I make this special pasta sauce recipe with this cheese at it was absolutely perfect. The standard block of pecorino is too hard, does not melt well and makes the sauce clumpy"

    Nicole Norris

  • "The Cheese Guy from Yonkers, NY sold over fifteen kinds of artisan kosher cheeses. Allen really enjoyed meeting him, loved everything he sampled and bought three cheeses for a future feature. Two of the cheeses have hot peppers in the ingredients"

    Two Frys

  • I purchased your "New" cheddar at the Riverdale farmer's market last week. It was amazing!!! It tastes like almost a combo of cheddar and Parmesan (my faves). How can I get more?Thanks


  • G-d bless you. It was impossible to find a decent kosher cheese before you came along. I shop at Shop Delight and Everfresh in Great NecK, NY, and have been enjoying all varieties of your cheese for the past year!
    I am just curious what new cheeses you are working on. Buffalo Moz? Burrata? Fontina? Buttermilk Blue? Ricotta?....The more the merrier!
    Keep up the good work!


  • Your mozzarella is the best on the planet. We get it at Pinos Wine shop in Highland Park NJ and Shoprite Kosher Experience.

    Many thanks


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